Popular Wrong Practices That Have Plagued SEO Companies Perth

Over the years as the World Wide Web evolved to form the large expanse of interconnected computers that it serves to be today, there has been some wrong practices in use by a lot of SEO companies Perth.  Here we try to dispel as much of the wrong information as possible on SEO and the role of the SEO consultant has in the practices.

golf sales australia golf sales australia golf sales australia golf sales australia golf sales australia seo companies perthThe role of site maps in services of SEO companies Perth.

It is a very popular misconception that the rankings can be influenced by submitting the site maps.  Rarely is this true.  It is just that some websites to improve their navigability took to the practice of submitting the site maps.  This somehow gave the impression that it boosted the rankings when it was not the case and the myth caught on.

The relation between SEO and social media

The roles that social media has come to play in society has brought on a situation where its importance is hugely blown out of proportion.  The lines of differentiation between the two are so fain that most active search engines have taken it onto themselves to start off social media ventures.  Thus we see Google bring on Google Plus.

Going into the future the social media networks are going to play as freer medium with interactions happening entirely on the space than plain websites.

Keeping the home page updated

People were unduly concerned about the role played by the home pages in obtaining search rankings.  It is a popular notion that all a person had to do was to keep the home page updated and this would increase the ranking on search engines.  Far from it.  The role of social media and supportive applications of the internet has meant that the role of home pages have changed to more than just applications for information.

It is possible to a large extent to bypass the home pages to bring forth  results that rare in tune with the efforts expended.

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The role of H1 header

The single most elements in using search engines were the submission of H1 headers.  This has changed to allow more flexibility as well as greater transparency to the working of search engines.  Thus the H1 header do play a vital role but not beyond a point to help position a website on to a search engine.  In the early days of SEO the ability of the header to influence results have greatly reduced to bring forth a more equitable result.

The role of web design

The need of the hour is to produce cutting edge web design that would stand out for sheer preventability.  The role of moving animations and tools that brought more life to a static field did bring forth changes that stressed the creative part to a web design.  The increasing importance of hits to a site is being realized to bring forth better and more interactive web designs that would no doubt stand on their own.

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