If you want to be the trend setter, if you want to get the ultimate sporty look, if you want to be dazzle others with your electric bike, then a normal electric bike is not enough. The new launched flexible and versatile folding electric bikes are here. You can fold them and pack them and take it to your picnic or boat rides or anywhere. Even if you do not have a proper garage they do not require much space as they can be folded easily. Folding electric bike is very common and sold in huge numbers in the countries of Germany, United States of America and China.They are snatching away markets of other two wheelers like conventional bicycles in Germany. In countries like China where pollution is a major problem electric bicycle are replacing motor bikes which use fossil fuel and emit pollution.

folding electric bikeFacilities

The folding electric bikes have the following facilities available with them:

  • headlight
  • tail light
  • adjustable goose neck
  • seat post suspension
  • rim reflectors
  • water bottles
  • shimano gearing
  • lithium ion batteries
  • UL approved charger


The specification which is common in folding electric bike is listed below:

Motor: 36V250W(XF) Rear-Mounted Gearless Hub
Battery: 36V9AH Lithium-ion
Charge Time: 4-6 hours
Charger: 2A CE/UL
Controller: 36V15A integrated controller
Estimated Range: 19 – 25 miles
Display: LED display
Top Speed: :20 mph
Total Weight: 48.5 lbs
Frame: 20″, 6061 Aluminum Alloy, Folding
Fork: Rigid, Aluminum Alloy
Gearing: 7 Speed 1×7, Shimano Tourney TX
Shift: 7 Speed Shimano
Pedals: Yonghua, Folding Plastic Platform
Headset: Henglong, Sealed Bearing
Stem: Folding, Aluminum Alloy
Handlebar: Aluminum Alloy
Brake: V Brake
Levers: Wuxing Levers and Motor Inhibitor
Grips: Wuxing Rubber Grips
Saddle: DFH
Seat Post: Sanshun Aluminum Alloy
Rim: Aluminum Alloy, Deep V, Black
Spokes: Stainless Steel, 36H
Tire: Kenda, 20″ x 1.75″
Kickstand: Kaiwei Kickstand
LED Lights: Huanyu LED lights(Front/Rear)
Front Headlight: Yes
Water Bottle: Yes
Available Colors: Charcoal, White, Maroon

Health benefits

  • The electric bikes are good for people suffering from cardio vascular diseases. It rehabilitation program.
  • During riding the conventional bikes, many people have complained of knee problems due to the excess pressure applied in pedaling. But nothing such occurs in case of e-bikes.
  • They are a form of exercise too. People who cannot do exercise daily can ride the cycle and complete the daily quota. Riding e-bikes have reduced weight of many. Thus, it is healthy too.

folding electric bike


The folding electric bikes are again classified as follows:

  • Pedal-assist – they have facilities like brake activation to disable the motor. The effort of the rider is augmented whenever they are pedaling. There are sensors to detect the pedaling speed even. Pedal force can be detected also.
  • Power on demand – a throttle is used to activate the motor. Usually a handle bar is used for this purpose just like motor cycles or scooters.
  • S-Pedelecs – they only have pedal assist and motor power can be as high as 250 watts and the speed can go up to 45 kilometers per hour. At some countries, they are legally classified as motor bikes.

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Baseball Tees

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