Who Is Robert Simonds?

His full name is Robert Bruce Simonds, Jr. and was born in the year 1964. He is an entrepreneur, an American movie producer, and the chairman, founder, and CEO of STX Entertainment, which distributes, produces, finances and markets television, film, digital media, and virtual reality. In his years making films for Hollywood studios, his over thirty movies have made more than six billion dollars in global revenue. To this level, throughout his practical producing career he had the solitary best studio track record for productivity on his movies.

From the year 1990 to the year 2012, he made over thirty Hollywood studio movies, including The Pink Panther with Steve Martin, Cheaper by the Dozenand, This Means War with Tom Hardy and Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon, and The Waterboy and Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. He has also made a few highly-profitable cult movies, including Joe Dirt, The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, and Half Baked.

STX Entertainment:

Producer Robert Simonds Partners with TPG for New Studio Venture – In the year 2014, Robert Simonds announced the arrangement of STX Entertainment. Financiers in STX comprise Hony Capital, a foremost Chinese private equity enterprise; TPG Growth, the escalation equity arm of TPG Capital;  PCCW, a Hong Kong-based telecommunications agency; Tencent, a Chinese Internet agency; and the business interests of Hollywood filmmakers and entrepreneur Beau Wrigley, Gigi Pritzker and others. Debt is given by a group of banks including Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Seer Capital.

The List Of Highest-Grossing Movies of Robert Simonds:

Big Daddy:

It is a 1999 American wit movie made in the direction of Dennis Dugan and starring the Sprouse twins, Joey Lauren Adams, and Adam Sandler. Robert Simonds produced the movie, and it released by Columbia Pictures on 25th June 1999, where it opened number one at the box office making $41,536,370 the first weekend. It was Sandler’s last movie before starting his production house, Happy Madison Productions, his first movie released by Columbia Pictures, and his top-grossing movie locally until Hotel Transylvania 2 (released in the year 2015).

Cheaper By The Dozen:

It is a 2003 family comedy movie made in the direction of Shawn Levy and stars Bonnie Hunt and Steve Martin. The movie was released on by 20th Century Fox on 25th December 2003 to unenthusiastic reviews, but was a box-office hit, finally grossing just over 190 million dollars globally.

The Waterboy:

It is a 1998 sports comedy movie made in the direction of Frank Coraci (who also comes in a cameo character), starring Kathy Bates, Adam Sandler, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk, Jerry Reed (his last movie character before his bereavement in the year 2008), Peter Dante, Larry Gilliard, Jr., Jonathan Loughran, and Blake Clark, and produced by Jack Giarraputo and Robert Simonds.

Lawrence Taylor, Lynn Swann, Bill Cowher, Jimmy Johnson, Rob Schneider and Paul “The Big Show” Wight have cameo roles. The film was tremendously profitable, making 161.5 million dollars in just North America. It was Sandler’s second movie to eclipse 120 million dollars globally in the year 1998 with The Wedding Singer.

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